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COEN is a company of professionals specialized in the design and manufacture of lighting systems, seen as essential elements of the architectural space. We produce tailored lighting for any environment, inside and outside, private or public. LIGHT for us is an interior and exterior finishing that plays an important role. Cuts and signs of light can also give elegance to simple environments. Modern and dynamic company, COEN was born at the beginning of the third millennium; strong experience in plant began in 1991. Thanks to the know -how of the founder, the lighting consultant Enrico Corazzari, Over the years COEN has specialized in lighting technology and light design. Today is one of the few Italian companies in the lighting industry structured to provide professional service to 360°, addressed to individuals and companies, architects and designers. We select quality materials from several suppliers in order to create projects that respond in the best way possible to the different lighting needs.

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Do you want to create the right light for your house, your company? your bar or your project? contact us immediately explaining us your requirement and, without bond, our experts will indicate you the best lightning solution for your real necessities and your budget.

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